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Road Map

  • Nov 2018 - OpenAlias support in mobile wallets
  • Dec 2018 - Brain Fu Ellaism Giveaway
  • Jan 2019 - OpenAlias portal for Ella domains
  • May 2019 - Ella game

Ellaism Wallet

iOS Wallet

The Ellaism iOS wallet is a fork of Trust Wallet. It has a built in Dapp browser which acts as the vehicle to access distributed applications that can not be censored.

Ellaism Wallet

For Android

The Ellaism Android wallet is based on Lunary Ethereum Wallet which we felt was the best looking open source wallet available for Android.

Sadly the Android version of the Ellaism wallet does not include a Dapp browser. Check back here in the future to read about various ways you can access distributed applications on an Android device.

Prove It

Proof of possession on the Ellaism network

Prove it is a fork of the Ethereum version from Noah Zinsmeister. The smart contract code is 100% compatible with the Ellaism network and was not changed. The front end was changed only enough to point at the Ellaism network and to attribute the upstream fork to Noah Zinmeister.

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The Game of Chess

Pwned was written in C# on the XNA platform for Microsoft Xbox 360 by myself and Dave Moore. This was published on the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel on April 12, 2009.

Microsoft has since shut down the indie games channel but the Windows engine is still available. The Pwned engine for windows requires a engine GUI such as WinBoard GUI or Arena Chess GUI.

The engine only has a 1900 Elo rating which is not very good as far as chess engines go so you should be able to beat it. If you can't then you suck at chess just like me because I can't beat it either.

Part of the project involved porting the Gaviota End Game Table Base library from C++ to C#.

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Brain Fu

Pub-Style Trivia for iOS

Brain Fu was released on December 9th, 2009. It was the first trivia game with a question pool that was fully created and moderated by the community. Over 40,000 pieces of trivia have been submitted by 23k players over the past nine years.

Beginning on Dec 9th, 2018 Brain Fu will be holding a Ellaism crypto currency giveaway. The giveaway will run for an entire year to count down to the 10th anniversary of Brain Fu.

Every day a few Ellaism will be given at random to anyone who plays. At the end of the year, Brain Fu might even shut down, who knows. So enjoy it while you can!


Pick dandelions, avoid wrath.

Dandelopia was released on September 26th, 2015. This was an exercise in learning mobile development with Unity.

Race against the clock to pick as many Dandelions as you can before your yard turns into a Dandelopia.

A Dandelopia is a large field of dandelions. The term was coined by a friend of mine and became the official name of the game.